September 25, 2023

Volatility factor 2.0 is here to change your world completely, it is a badass Forex robot that has more than six years live winning streak verified by myfxbook. Do you want to start a money management business? or just trade you own funds and keep everything to yourself?

You have landed to the right page right now, I got to admit we have been publishing systems and robots for traders since 2017. But even with that kind of persistence this is by far the best EA ever published by us, it’s a game changer because it has a special feature called the broker spy module.

It’s real some brokers are shady when it comes to handling traders capital, some cheat on spreads, some cheat on false slippage while some would even make it worse by jamming your entries and exits. They are practically stealing from you! The spy module secretly monitors their activity so that the may fail from stealing from you.

As a result this ea guarantees you a long term equity trend that looks like the screen shots below.

741 pips profit was made in just 3 months of trading.

991 pips was made in pure profits in just under 2 months.

Special features of Volatility factor 2.0 Include -:

  • Unique broker spy module
  • New effective dynamic trading logic
  • Advanced time management system
  • Increased profitability
  • High impact news filter
  • Increased trading frequency
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved profit protection system
  • 4 currency pairs supported

The volatility factor 2.0 pro exploits the markets day in day out using an extremely balanced trading system. Generally it’s goal is to trade in the direction of the trend by all means, this helps minimize the risk of loss and maximize the frequency of winners.

Here’s how Volatility Factor 2.0 works -:

The EA’s algorithm watches the market closely and initiate trades that capitalize on current market volatility, the power comes from it’s lightning fast reaction and leveraging with the market direction.

For example once the market start to move, the signals will be mid-term impulse. The ea further uses a highly sensitive money management to guard the trade until it’s exited.

Check Volatility Factor 2.0 Review on the video below:

The secret behind the volatility factor 2.0’s algorithm comes from over 17 years of market modelling, this allows the ea to trade within the logic of a channel using three profit keys.

The fist profit key is prevailing market levels. At this stage the ea uses sophisticated techniques to ensure that the trading channel is correctly mapped.

At the second stage the ea uses disciplined money management. Sometimes the market breaks out of a channel and most channel systems would fail, the volatility factor 2.0 closely monitors each trade and closes it at a small draw-down.

Third profit key is trading frequency. Volatility Factor’s lightning – fast trading logic quickly models the market and delivers 3-4 excellent trades per session.

To be real this EA provides you more than you can possibly ask for, all the results displayed on this page are easily verifiable at myfxbook. Download the volatility factor 2.0 here by us at SarosFX right now and watch your equity grow.

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