September 25, 2023

Top 5 Features You Didn’t Know Existed With Pip Counter Indicator (Free Download)

pip counter

Hopefully you visited this specific page looking for the pip counter indicator? If that’s the case I promise not to disappoint you. Warm greetings to the frequent visitors of Saros-FX: India, South Africa, United States, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Malaysia > We appreciate you guys!

Unlike the web based app offered by brokers, here we are referring to a Meta Trader 4 indicator that works automatically to help keep track of the spread, pip value, high and low values. You can now close the terminal to open up more space for the chart and avoid emotions which come with looking at cash value of your trade.

Pip counter indicator works regardless of the time frame you are working on and currency pair, it will not help you analyze the market or execute trades on your behalf. For that you need a trading system or a trading robot.

Pip Counter View at First Glance

Pip Counter Screen Shot

The values are on the top right of your mt4 screen, and like I said it will not distract your analysis.

Bigger value refers to the current price if you wish to enter or exit on the market. Below the current market price there’s a spread value, a high and low price, and pip value for open trades.

Pip Counter MT4 Indicator Features

  • Current Price
  • Spread Value
  • Profit/Loss Pip Value
  • Automatic and live

Forex Investors can benefit from this indicator because it shows the most important information while allowing more space. Pretty sure there’s a meta trader 5 version as well, but the download button we have for now is only for MT4.

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