September 26, 2023

8 Best Forex Brokers and Easy Guide MetaTrader 4 Setup For PC


Forex beginners all over the internet are wondering and questioning, which is the best forex broker for safe mt4 downloads and how to install the platform on PC, are you one of them? Right now it’s the end of your research because in this post we shall discuss 8 best brokers for downloading Meta trader 4.
If you are completely new in this business, it makes sense to wonder; what is Meta trader 4? Meta Trader 4 is a fourth-generation trading software developed by Meta Quotes Software Company.
MetaQuotes is a leading company in software applications for financial markets and does not provide investment or brokerage services.
Meta Quotes provides a software license to brokerage companies all over the globe (for a fee), then brokers use the license to offer investment and brokerage services to retail traders.
The platform is the same, but the retail trader’s experience varies from broker to broker. Variation in trader’s experience is due to the fact that some brokers charge less on spreads, some charge big, some offer low deposit minimums, some offer their services at high deposit minimums.
It’s completely up to brokers how they choose to offer their services. Now that you know what Meta trader 4 is, let’s get to:

Top 8 FX Brokers offering a quick and safe mt4 download

1. Traders Way

This brokerage firm topped the list because of being the first FX broker that gave me access to mt4 platform without being greedy, I had complete control over their distribution of newsletters and promotions, which was 2016.
With their non-greedy $10 minimum deposit I gained my first live experience. It was pretty fun when I made my first $25, I felt like I owned the trading software without paying for it. For detailed information about traders, way go to trader’s way review page.

2. CM Trading

The winner of the 2017 African Broker award. CM Trading secures the second spot due to their extended services, they not only offer mt4 platform download, and they teach how to trade using eBooks, videos, and live webinars.
Professional traders using CM Trading resources are cursed to win because their firm provides daily technical analysis and news.
CM Trading Company not only provides mt4 access to all levels of traders, but they also provide value to ensure a mutual business relationship long term. For more information go to CM Trading website.

3. Fibo Group

The oldest player in the retail brokerage industry, Fibo is 19 years old in 2018. Fibo Group provides the Meta trader platform without any dealing desk.
Fibo Group has built its brand on the basis of providing services to high net worth retail traders. For a more detailed company background go to Fibo Group review.


AVATRADE has various talented ways to give mt4 access. They opened offices in 11 countries and they attract traders from all over the world.
Relax and be assured that when you use mt4 through AVATRADE firm, you will have access to infographic news and technical analysis for 5 days a week. For more information visit AVATRADE home page.

5. Instaforex

InstaForex is by far the smartest broker in our generation. Some of their greatest strengths are; sponsorship, partnership, and consistency.
The insta company is partnered with Liverpool FC, together they sponsor a lot of sports clubs for the ongoing promotion of their brand.
As a result of their innovations and intellect business model, they have managed to serve the mt4 platform to over 1 million active individual traders all over the globe. Read InstaForex review for more information.

6. Pepperstone

This is the only forex brokerage company I would trust with a $1 million investment deposit. Pepperstone’s technology is very impressive, they have some kind of legitimate deal with government officials in all the countries they serve. Currently, they are the only forex broker with the ability to verify customer accounts without the client uploading documents.
Pepperstone doesn’t just provide the mt4 platform, they offer a very precise educational blog, and it covers the trading business right from its DNA. Read more about pepperstone.

7. 24Option

24 option made their first impression on binary options, recently the company began to provide forex services through the mt4 platform. Currently, 24Option offers over 200 underlying assets.
The company also has an effective promotional strategy, they have partnered with Juventus FC. As a result over 100k traders worldwide have chosen the mt4 platform using their servers. Read 24Option review for more information.

8. Blueberry Markets

Blueberry Markets concludes our discussion of the best 8 forex brokers for downloading Meta Trader 4.  They have established themselves unique by providing a free VPS. Their VPS deal benefits traders that employ a standard lot and above. Read this review for more information about Blueberry Markets.

Three steps for downloading mt4 on PC

  • Download the platform

The broker you choose will have a download page for mt4, proceed by clicking the download link.

  • Agree or disagree with the license agreement

Any software company has policies in place, just read the agreement carefully.

  • Select installation path

choose a specific location where you want your platform to be saved or just leave it as default. Log in with your account details and enjoy the platform.
I have chosen the above brokers based on their track record, positive reviews from other websites, and my personal experience. Simply choose any broker and install the mt4 application based on the steps above. If you happen to have any questions about this post or any of our posts please leave us a comment below. Thank you for visiting our portal.

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