September 26, 2023

Introducing Instant Profit Scalper Forex technical indicator. This is one heck of a badass indicator designed for extreme scalpers. It is a very simple system, you don’t need years of experience to follow its rules effectively. You can simply learn its basic rules here and use it right away, It might take you a week or two for you to feel routine.

You can use an instant profit scalper on the 1-minute timeframe and five-minute time frame, since it is a scalping system, don’t use it on higher timeframes. The good news is that this indicator works on all currency pairs, as long as the timeframe is a scalping time frame this indicator should work fine.

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Download Instant Profit Scalper Indicator, your Platform should look like this:

instant profit scalper
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The instant profit scalper looks like a moving average and is visible on the main chart window. The market is considered bullying whenever the indicator turns pink and considered bearish whenever it turns to a golden color.

The instant profit scalper also has arrows, the pink arrow, and the golden arrow. Buy the market when you see the pink arrow and sell when you see the golden arrow, it’s that simple!

Conditions for Buying Using profit Scalper.

instant profit scalper indicator

  • The market should be in an uptrend.
  • A pink arrow should appear below the market.
  • The moving average should be pink.
  • Place your long position as soon as the above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss just below the recent swing low.
  • Take your profit when the golden arrow appears above the market.

Conditions for Selling Using Profit Scalper

instant profit scalper

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  • The market should be in a downtrend.
  • A golden arrow should appear above the market.
  • The moving average should be golden.
  • Place your short position as soon as the above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss just above the recent swing high.
  • Take your profit when the pink arrow appears below the market.


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