September 26, 2023

Fox Trader Pro Indicator For Binary Options, Forex, and Crypto Currencies

fox trader pro

Fox Trader Pro is a brand new indicator system that offers extreme accuracy by providing quality signals and consistent profit. It is designed to be versatile, which means you can trade any markets you wish to. You can use it to trade Forex, Stocks, cryptos, or even binary options without making drastic changes.

That said Fox Trader Pro supports all timeframes and adapts to successful trading in accordance with the new market opportunities. Even more interesting is that you don’t need to worry about a large chunk of an initial deposit to cover for drawdown, this indicator is accurate enough to start growing your account from only $10.

Fox Trader keeps you informed by means of a very smart informer, you can either set it to show information on Forex or Binary options. The informer features “trend power” which informs you how steady the trend is, and “market volatility” informs you how strong the oscillations are at any given moment.

You will also see “trend direction”, which will informs you about the direction of price in each timeframe. Our entire collection of premium tools are different from other providers, they don’t repaint and provide accurate signals period! you just have to choose one which you like.

Fox Trader Pro Main Features

  • Smart Informer
  • Accurate signals
  • Two traading modes
  • No repaint
  • Three types of alerts

Fox Trade Pro Indicator is also incredably easy to install, only one file to copy and paste to the indicator directory of Meta Trader 4. Once installed you get an outstanding visual interface that pretty easy to use which will allow you to never lose any time.

First Look in Live Markets

The visual you see is based on an advanced algorythm for calculating price on each bar, which provides maximum adaptability on any market. The algorythm on it’s own uses complex calclations from great mathematicians such as Gann and Fibonnacci. This puts aside anything related to guess work and provides accurate trend detection.

Check at the screen shots below for some of our live backtests;

Still not convinced? Learn;

10 Reasons Fox Trader Indicator Will Change Your Life For Good

  1. Low entry lever ( Beginner friendly)
  2. System Elasticity (It Adapts on all markets and timeframes)
  3. Exact entry point (Conditions for entry are very easy to understand)
  4. Non-Lenear Method (It adapts to different trading styles for different markets)
  5. Experienced algorythm
  6. Non Discret analysis (Adapts to chaotic markets and not depend on parttens)
  7. High Mathematical expectation
  8. Large coverage of different price factors
  9. Profit every single day
  10. Market Signals (Fox Trader Pro Finds entry points as the market moves)

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At this point I think you are pretty much ready to try Fox Trader Pro Indicator for yourself, and rest assured it is not a waste of time. Download this incredible indicator only by us here at Saros FX, Inside there’s an indicator file and ebook guide.

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