Forex Trend Scanner is going to be the best thing ever happening for you this year, I really hope you take advantage of this tool. Ask yourself, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade? It’s a common question most FX traders all around the globe keep on asking themselves.

Just like many others, maybe you too can find out the hard way, I’m talking long hours of switching from chart to chart hoping to find the trend.

Considering the fact that markets change from time to time, a system purely designed to ride trending markets can quickly turn into a trap when the markets go sideways choppy movements.

A system that fails to produce profits when markets change can put your account at risk, Imagine if you could quickly scan all currency pairs and time frames to find the best trend, and dramatically increase the profitability of any system or method you have.

If you’re struggling with erratic market conditions when the trend direction is unclear, then the forex trendy scanner is the solution.

the tool’s mission is to continuously work to find the best pair and time frame for you at any time you want to trade, it does all that using our partner’s powerful computers.

The result is the cleanest pair and time frame with a nice trend, Note that this is the key you need to reduce unnecessary losses and you can actually increase your odds and percentage of winning trades by simply following the best trend.

As you know, trading against the trend leads to loss after loss, but trading with the trend leads to profits or at least increases the odds of getting you into a profitable trade even when you are a beginner.

Trading in choppy markets is risky and extremely unpredictable unless you know exactly what you’re up against.

The truth is that most Forex systems or robots profit with the trend but lose money in trading range markets, the tricky part is to find that good trend consistently!

One big mistake that traders make all the time is they’re used to focusing on one specific pair and time frame, 90% of traders only trade the major pairs mainly the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY, the reason for this is clear, it is beyond human power to watch all currency pairs at once.

The Forex Trendy Tool scans 34 pairs on all time frames from minute to monthly, it could take you hours analyzing every single chart in a day. Forex Trendy crunches all the charts within a second.

You don’t have to wait during the choppy market, just pick the best trending pair at any time, it scans even the exotic pairs such as USDNOK, USDSGD, and USDHKD which gives you a great advantage.

you don’t have to limit yourself to basic Forex pairs with this tool, you are limitless to take advantage of any trading opportunity when you see a clear trend, once the trend reverts from trend to choppy dump it and jump to a trending one!

The Forex trendy application works independently from your trading platform, that means you can use any of your favorite platform such as Meta Trader, Ninje Trader, Trade Station and others.

This latest technology is possible because the software is consistently running on our partner’s computers located in Florida, what you get is a clean trend at any time you want to trade.

What You Get With Forex Trendy Scanner

  • Alerts through communication platform of your choice
  • No thick ebooks to read
  • NO complex software to install
  • Just instant auto analysis
  • support 24/7

Traders at all levels can benefit from this tool, its time to take your trading to the next level, remember that Forex signals start at $30 at mql4, so having your own tool to generate your own signals is gold!

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