September 26, 2023


This user’s guide is devoted to our newest invention for manual trading –

Forex NAUTILUS indicator!

We’ve been working on it for months and I’m proud to call it the best indicator of the year. A perfect mix of an innovational algorithm that allows providing a trader with accurate signals, user-friendly visualization with all the essential information on the chart, no repainting, and all the necessary alerts and notifications.

Thanks a lot for your interest and your loyalty to our company. We hope that you will find this tool profitable (during correct appliance) and will not want to leave it in your daily trading.

Installation and Setup

  1. All you need is an MT4 You can download it at any reputable broker’s website. Please choose an appropriate broker and install a trading platform if you do not have one.
  2. Start MetaTrader4. Select File in the menu, Open Data Folder.
  3. An MT4 folder will be Choose MQL4 folder.
  4. Then open Indicators folder:
  5. Copy and paste the product’s file – ex4 into opened earlier Indicators folder. Reload the MT4 platform.
  • Take a look at Navigator panel on the left of the main If you followed the simple instruction above, you should see FOREX_NAUTILUS_INDICATOR under Indicators.
  1. Open any currency pair (better use the common pairs) and one of М15- Н1

Drag and drop FOREX_NAUTILUS_INDICATOR accordingly from the Navigator panel to the chart. Check if you have the same settings.



You can adjust 3 types of alerts/notifications:

MyAlert: simple pop-up notifications. If your computer is connected to speakers (or headphones), you will hear a sound alert from MetaTrader. At the same time you will see an arrow above or under the current candle pointing out the direction of an Order to be opened on the chart:

Upwards (blue arrow) – if the signal is to open Buy Order. Downwards (red arrow) – if the signal is to open Sell Order.

Together with the sound and an arrow you will see an Alert window that will include: Currency pair, timeframe, Buy or Sell order and Stop Loss level.

MyMail: email notifications. MetaTrader platform will send you an email at the address that you entered in the Email alert settings (please set up everything correctly). To receive instant alerts will all levels and signals you need to set up your SMTP local server.

notification: push notifications. It is the opportunity to connect your MT4 account with an MT4 mobile application.

These are set up from the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal in the “Alerts” section and used to send messages to your mobile device much like an SMS / text message.

Adjust Colors if you need it.

Click OK

  1. After a successful installation, you will the following type of information.


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