September 26, 2023

To use this system effectively you need to understand what swing trading is, we describe it as a short-term trading method that is used to capture market swings in stocks and options. Forex traders use this method as well, with positions lasting less than one day. Traditionally, swing trading positions last two to six days but depending on market conditions they can last up to six weeks.

The ultimate goal of swing trading is to identify market trend then capture gains within that trend. Technical analysis is mostly used to help traders take advantage of market trends which is exactly where this indicator comes in handy. It will help you identify entry price(s) and exit price(s).

With this download, you find a spreadsheet containing the calculations of position sizes and backtested data. The indicators contain the following coded files:

Free download The Dynamic Swing Trading.rar :

Dynamic Swing Trading Position Size Calculator.xls
DST Backtesting.xls
DST Default.tpl
DST White.tpl

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Instructions For Installing Dynamic Swing Trading System On Your Platform

Dynamic Swing trading system

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