September 26, 2023
Day trading for dummies

Never mind the title you’re not a dummy, “Dummies” is just a brand:-), in fact, downloading day trading for dummies right now will make you the smartest being on earth. It doesn’t matter if you are from the United States or Canada rather anywhere in the world you will benefit from this resource. If you just landed on the portal and have no idea what Forex trading is or how we make money online, I urge you to read this guide and you will learn to:

  • Get started with an action plan
  • Avoid day trading pitfalls
  • Position yourself for trading success

Let me scope you in with a little bit more about day trading for dummies exactly as it’s written inside

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“First, let me tell you what this book is not: It’s not a textbook, and it’s not a handbook for professional investors. Several of those are on the market already, and they’re fabulous, but they’re often dry and assume you already have a lot of knowledge about day trading.

This book doesn’t make those assumptions. It contains straightforward explanations of how day trading works, how to get started, what the pitfalls are, and what some of the alternatives are for your portfolio and for your career.

It’s designed for you to be able to skip around and read the chapters or sections that interest you, without having to read every word that comes before them. This book has more than enough content to get you started — or to guide you to something that’s a better fit for your sensibilities. If you really want to read some textbooks, I list a few in the appendix.

Oh, and I like to think this book isn’t dry, either.

As for conventions, here are the basics: I put important words that I define in italics. I often bold the keywords of lists to bring important ideas to your attention. And I place all web addresses in mono font to set them apart.

During the printing of this book, some of the web addresses may have broken across two lines of text. If you come across such an address, rest assured that I haven’t put in any extra characters (such as hyphens) to indicate the break. When using a broken web address, type in exactly what you see on the page, pretending that the line break doesn’t exist.

I also include sidebars in the book that you don’t really need to read in order to follow the chapter text. With that stated, though, I do encourage you to go back and read through this extra material when you have the time. Many of the sidebars contain practice examples that help you get an even better idea of how some of the investment concepts work. Some of the information is pretty fun, too.”

I will not be dwelling much on the contents because I’m giving it to you for free, don’t undervalue it cause at amazon it’s sold. On the other hand, if you have read this book or have any kind of feedback I’d love to read it from the comment box below, I’m real so don’t be a stranger:-).

Download Day Trading For Dummies

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