September 26, 2023

How do people earn money? where does the money come from?

This pdf aims to answer the above questions. Authored by a famous writer Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. This ebook is an extension to his most popular book “rich dad poor dad”. 

As an investor, it is essential to understand the basic principles of income sources. Mr. Robert classifies these as the cash flow quadrant. Forbes writer Mr. Jeff Rose mentioned that the cash flow quadrant has transformed his life from quadrant “s” to quadrant “B”.

Mr. Robert Kiyosaki explains it using the “cash flow quadrant”

S – Self Employed

E – Employee

I – Investor

B – Business Owner

These quadrants are all essential in the economy because for any business to run it needs employees, for new businesses to be established the economy needs self-employed entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need investors to expand their operations. 

Mr. Robert will help you have a structure on how the whole economic system works and ways you can use to navigate. That is if you are in quadrant S and E, you have to move to quadrant I and B to be wealthy in life. So take some time and enjoy this ebook.

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Income comes from any of those four letters above. This book coupled with TAGR is compulsory before starting any business.


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