September 26, 2023

About SOROS-FOREX.CO Author “Almond”

Amangile Ngxumeshe

I am so glad you are here! Welcome to the portal
My name is Amangile Ngxumeshe [Linkedin Profile]. but hey I’m African so I know my name can be a bit mouth full even for other Africans, which is why I’d like you to call me Almond.😉

My world is full of inspiration and exploration! With a curious mind and a love for storytelling, I aim to ignite your imagination and spark meaningful conversations. Drawing from my many years of publishing experience, I offer insightful perspectives and thought-provoking insights on Trading, Investing, Marketing, and more.

So who am I really?

Yep, that’s me [Almost missed my bus for that snap😂]! Your Regular Joe from Cape Town, South Africa. During the day I work as a pharmacist assistant for the government. But way before that I used to try everything people tell me it makes money online. I have downloaded many business ebooks, and I’ve read many more.

I’ve lost so much money in Forex, Ponzi schemes, and online scams in general. God I once lost $300 from a website that promised to convert my Neteller cash to PayPal, sent them my funds then they blocked me.

Just in 2022, I once got scammed by someone who wanted to buy a Facebook group with 90 000 active users, I was desperate so I gave them admin rights instead of sending cash you know what happened😔.

I once got paid by Avatrade, only $100 I guess it was a lucky commission😂. CMTRADING once paid me more than $1000. Made more with this website before the end of my lucky days😉

As much as I haven’t yet made getting rich level income from my online journey, I can most certainly share valuable information with you. Information that rich folks will never share with you, trust me I know.

My point is that with over 6 years of experience floating online, I’ve experienced great many things, profits, and losses. Over the years I’ve lost many times but the ledger balances compared to the things I’ve gained, like this blog and my trading accounts. I can share some of my profitable experiences with you through my posts.

Join Me in Making Money

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If you have any questions for me, you can always contact me on this page.
I wish you success. Best Regards, Almond.