March 31, 2023

Agimat Indicator Forex Factory

Arrow indicators are very fun to trade with, they are easy to read and traders all around the world love them especially when they don’t repaint.

Here I’m presenting you with an arrow indicator called Agimat Indicator.

The Agimat Indicator is a very talented coding tailored for trading any liquid markets, that include currencies, stocks, and crypto-currencies.

So, are you tired of trying to guess where the market might be going next or struggling to catch that optimal reversal?

Simply install the Agimat indicator on your meta trader 4 platforms.

Agimat Overview

This collection contains two indicators, which are the Agimat reversal indicator with alerts, and the second one is just the Agimat reversal without alerts.

The image above depicts the Agimat reversal indicator with alerts, as you can see,

arrows indicating buying opportunities are blue and arrows which depict selling opportunities are red.

This indicator can work for you in all currency pairs simultaneously,

it will never freeze or slow done because the code has been back-tested extensively.

The image above depicts the standard Agimat indicator without alerts, both arrows which show buying and selling opportunities are gray.

Traders in forums say that the Standard Agimat indicator is more accurate than the one with alerts, but you know what they say,

when it comes to making money you can’t take other people’s word for what works, you have to see for yourself.

Download Agimat Indicators For Free On Our Dropbox Cloud

With Alerts

Without Alerts

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