September 26, 2023

For Rights Owners

ATTENTION! These programs are assembled exclusively for free distribution on the Internet and are intended for reference only. All rights to these programs belong to their authors. Owners (administration) of accept no responsibility or liability associated with the use of these programs. If you are a developer of software, which is represented in this resource, and believe that downloaded files infringe your copyright, we ask you to inform us immediately by letter (e-mail), using the form below.
Before filing a complaint, please make sure there are no such or similar materials (articles) on the Internet, which are violating your copyrights. If there are such materials (articles) on the Internet, please eliminate them first (remove them from the public Internet) and then send us your complaint against our website. Otherwise, your complaint will be seen as a violation of the right of , which is an unlawful act in itself.

Send us an email at
Your message will be considered within ten working days, and then we will send a letter to your email on record with a description of the actions undertaken in relation to the alleged violation of your exclusive rights.
Requests for the removal of data, that directly violate the law, will be returned to the sender because the servers of do not contain such information.
The letter should specify:
1. Product details:
1.1. Product name: an original and English one (in the case of the English version).
1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).
1.3. Product number assigned by the state and the international registry.
1.4. For legal entities / Right holders of electronic publications/computer programs/databases – A copy of the state and the international registration.
2. Details of the person making the complaint.
2.1. Name.
2.2. Position.
2.3. Telephone.
2.4. Email.
2.5. A copy of a power of attorney to act on behalf of the Right holder (not required if the person making the complaint is the head of the company, which is the owner of the rights).
3. Complaint data.
3.1. URL address of pages contained references to data which violates the rights.
3.2. A full description of the nature of rights violations (why the distribution of this information is prohibited by the Right holder).
4. Subscription on the legality of actions (should be handwritten and sent in a scanned form). It’s required for each complaint.
I, “Name”, acting on behalf of “legal name of the right holder” by proxy “proxy data” indicate that the data given in this appeal are true; “Name of the person” (Right holder) holds the exclusive property rights, including :
– an exclusive right of distribution;
– an exclusive right to bring to public notice;
All issues related to the payment of remuneration to authors are settled by the Right holder; the Right holder is not aware of the claims of third parties in respect of these rights.
In the case of any claims of third parties against, relating to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the remote/disabled link “LINK”, the Right holder shall take all necessary measures to resolve the claims and possible disputes including litigation ones.
The Right holder is obliged to resolve requests, demands, or claims of third parties and fully indemnify costs and damages (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) caused to and related to compensation claims, demands, actions of third parties upon violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or removing of links on demand of the Right holder.
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