Forex signals are a common way for new investors and traders to make money in the markets without any prior experience.

Not all services are priced the same.

For example if you get signals from a broker your cost will be free.

That’s because they charge from spreads and if you get them from mql5 it costs a minimum of $30.

That’s because you are getting signals from companies/individuals who do not own any platform.

If you have been following Forex trends in the past years,

you will realize that there are lots of scams claiming to provide accurate signals,

the most common problem is that by the time a signal reaches your email recommending you to take action,

the market is most likely to have chanced already.

There are two different ways to get signals,

the first is by registering with a signals provider and receive recommendations and price targets either by email or sms.

Another way is to use copy trade which copies trades from an experienced account automatically,

copy trade is also advantageous because you never get to react to an expired signal.

In this post I will list for you the best Signal service providers,

The type that will reduce your risk while creating handsome profits to make your investing journey less stressful.

6 Best Signal Services

  1. Signals – Bob James is the man behind this service. He has worked for major financial institutions in London as a trader and mentor. There’s nothing shady about Bob because his performance is verified on myfxbook. Find out more about Bob’s service go to
  2. – Bots live trading room has been around since 2016 and traders don’t leave this service. They get to become a private community who develop effective strategies using custom indicators and offer high quality education. Bots live trading room does not want to charge you signals forever, they want to teach you how to generate them. Find out more on
  3. – With a slogan “Zero to Pro” these guys have been around for quite a long time. This service helps traders learn markets according to modern perspective. Learn more about this service go to
  4. Signals – CM is a regulated African broker, its a one stop destination for almost anything you need in Forex, with just $250 minimum deposit these guys can set up your account to copy one of their top traders. Learn more about this service go to
  5. Social – This is a highly competitive environment with top traders competing for the to spot, a strategy that loses quickly drops off the top chart. Here you can chat to top traders before following their account. For more information about this service visit We also have a detailed review for Avatrade Bonus.
  6. – Instaforex is an Asian broker that provides services globally, their signal services offers complete control, for each and every strategy you follow it’s easy to set limit for the number of trades that can be copied. You can copy multiple strategies at once, you can even reverse trades for any strategy. That means if a system you copy is losing big, you can secretly take the opposite side of their trade and make huge profits. Read our instaforex review and for more information about copy service go straight to

Best Tips For Choosing The Correct Forex and Binary Options Signal Service

  • Check the price first, if you are being charged upfront that means you are dealing with a non brokerage firm. If they are free that means you are getting them from a provider that hopes to charge you via spreads. If it’s too expensive for you step back and get a cheaper solution.
  • Check verification and track record, if the strategy just arrived less than three years ago be careful, see if it has been profitable through myfxbook.
  • Never invest all your money on one strategy, always look for strategies that have been around for many years and spread your money to at least three strategies, that will create the necessary balance for your portfolio.

Many traders hate online dealings, they need interaction in order to feel comfortable.

Bots Live trading room is the only solution that serves this need,

as you can see in the video below the service has been around since 2016.

Did you know that if you are using meta trader 4,

There is no need to go through all the hustle of paying recurring signal fees? Recently we published the best automated robots that makes trading easy.

Looking for signals? I hope this post helped, please tell your friends about us and if you wouldn’t mind leave us a comment.

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