September 26, 2023

10 Best Courses For Starting Your Own Business Online

10 Best Courses For Starting Your Own Business Online
  1. Genie Script – Manifestation Course by Wesley Virgin
  2. Mental Time Travel System
  3. Keystone Investors Club (mentorship program)
  4. TikTok Marketing (viral secrets of TikTok short course)
  5. Bots Live Trading Room (Mentorship Program For Trading and Investing)
  6. Block Chain and Crypto Applications from Decentralized Finance to web 3.0
  7. Introduction to Negotiations
  8. Brand Identity and Strategy
  9. Sales Training
  10. Essential Public Speaking

Introduction: Why is it important to consider an online course?

So, Should you jump into running a business online or consider enrolling in an online course to get yourself up to speed skills-wise?

Good question – I have thought a lot about this one.

According to apollo technical, people turn to entrepreneurship because 29% want to be their own boss which is a great motive.

However, 20% of startup businesses fail within their first year if there’s no market for their product or service.

As a startup entrepreneur, you need to understand the challenges and risks of starting a business. A quick summary of these challenges and risks of running a business include (not limited to) -:

Developing a business idea and vision can be tricky as it has to be practical, other challenges include raising capital, finding the right location,

sourcing required human resources to identify threats from the competition and be prepared for unforeseen disasters like Covid19.

Risks include insufficient funds due to many entities and financial institutions being very reluctant in lending money to businesses that lack a proven track record.

Also, another alarming risk is having to use your own capital because you end up with zero savings if the business fails, and too much reliance on human resources – of course, you will have to rely on people but it is still a risk.

At this point, I am pretty positive that enrolling in a course is the right thing because developing your business skills has never been more important.

If you have a computer at home, an internet connection, and the right business course or mentorship program. You can replicate your knowledge very quickly and proceed to start your business.

Are you keen to learn? let’s get you started! We put together a summary of the 10 best courses for starting your own business online.

10 Best Courses For Starting Your Own Business Online

1. Genie ScriptManifestation Course by Wesley Virgin

The top Learning outcome is a 20-word script used by billionaires which forces you to manifest anything 100x faster. Wesley Virgin is a multi-millionaire who started out selling fitness products online with an affiliate relationship with Clickbank.

After making hundreds of thousands of dollars he created his own products and by far the Genie Script course is one of the best.

Wesley’s course has been recognized by big names such as Kevin O’Leary, the man himself from the hit tv show “shark tank”, Floyd Money Mayweather, and Snoop Dog.

He claims that his training course guarantees that you never struggle as he did at the beginning of his career, thus it is highly recommended.

2. Mental Time Travel System – New Way of Attracting the big three (Health, Wealth, and Romance)

Don’t let the past be an obstacle for you to attract whatever it is that you want, as the famous quote says “whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve”.

In this course, Dr. Joe Vitale teaches 15 principles of using the law of attraction for your own personal advantage.

He uncovers top secrets such as “Body Changes Mind”, “The Meaning You Give an Event is a Belief that Attracted the Event”, and “Belief isn’t necessary”.

Dr. Joe Vitale is a famous author who has sold over 75 books, he has traveled the world teaching people how to attract what they want in life.

3. Keystone Investors Club – Research Course for Alternative Assets

While many people are focusing all their attention on trading and marketing,

Iman Shafiei has managed to shock the entire business industry by achieving 1466% on his investment returns in a record-breaking single year.

Iman Shafiei is a famous author of many books, he is also a business owner, investor, and researcher. He has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, and Fox News. In his course, you will learn exactly how he does it so well each year.

4. TikTok Marketing – Viral Secrets of TikTok

Many people around the world prefer short video content over reading long blogs, thus TikTok has become a billion-dollar digital company.

This course contains important information on how to start from zero to millions of active followers.

Learn different niches, what to expect when reposting top content, recreating top content, and a strategy for the timing of reposting top content.

Tip: Once you have mastered growing an audience you will need to drive them to a service, here is a tool that can help you clone or replicate any website or app and is called “remixable“.

5. Bots Live Trading Room – (Online Closed Mentorship with Over 50 000 Members)

Bots live trading room is a membership-based community,

the focus here connects you with like-minded professionals in a highly controlled environment.

Free forums and social media groups have a lot of noise making it difficult for a serious investor to tell what’s what,

leading to a lot of time and money being wasted on false information.

This learning service has been around for more than six years, live trades are executed on a daily bases and streamed live for members to see exactly how to trade the right way.

6. Block Chain and Crypto Applications – from Decentralized Finance to web 3.0

This is a certified 8-week course offered by “MIT Sloan School of Management”. Key takeaways include a clear understanding of opportunities and challenges arising from different waves of crypto technology and an understanding of decentralized finance.

Ideally suited for experienced professionals and leaders interested in separating hype from reality and capitalizing on realistic opportunities the blockchain network has to offer.

completion of this course, you will get a certificate which in turn can help you get hired by any cryptocurrency company and it costs $3408,25.

7. Introduction to Negotiations – A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

A 4-week course offered by Yale Unversity teaching students how to become a better negotiator. Learn how to get the offer you deserve for your car, business partnership deals,

and almost any area which requires you to negotiate.

Yale University has been inspiring educational growth and development for over 300 years, and a certificate from them definitely earns you recognition for your resume.

Another best advantage is that it has Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Russian, English, and Spanish subtitles.

8. Brand Identity and Strategy

From this course, you will gain insight into what a brand really is, and how to create great ones. Learn high-demand skills such as advertising a business, and logo creation from simply choosing the right color.

Furthermore, the brand identity course is instructed by Professor Maria Eizaguirre Dieguez, and it is 100% online with a digital certificate once completed.

9. Sales Training

Part of a high-demand Sales Training for High Performing Teams covers the inbound sales methodology,

students get to learn the difference between active and passive buyers and build new relationships.

Gain a clear understanding of building successful sales strategies, the role of effective communication, and inbound sales.

10. Essential Public Speaking

Public speaking skills are essential for any professional who wants to succeed in business.

The course teaches practical methods on how to overcome the fear of public speaking,

key theories, and techniques to deliver effective and memorable speeches,

and design presentations to engage and persuade the audience.

The learning process happens in three steps,

you learn online by watching videos any time, practicing with exercises, and improving with feedback.

In fact, a very effective course is also featured on Forbes’s top business courses.

Summary of 10 Best Courses

Besides every course on the list, the genie script is number one on our list because all the keys to your own success are held by you. Wesley is the right man to get you hyped up and motivated enough to keep on growing your skills. Good Luck!

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